Scrimmage Session 2020

Hi all

Firstly, we hope that you are all coping with the restrictions in place as you know that this year we could not go ahead of our season due to COVID-19 so l am suggesting that we have a scrimmage session in October / November this year to get prepared for the 2021 season to keep the sport going. Please let me know if you will be interested in doing a scrimmage session in October / November 2020. Please send your interest or your thoughts to this email
We are calling out for your help with our 2021 season to get push and power rugby league back up on its feet and to make the sport great again as you all may know that last year wheelchair rugby league invited push and power rugby league to their Interstate Challenge day to do a demo showcase of push and power rugby league in front of crowds we will have that opportunity again for next year and hopefully in the future there will be a push and power rugby league queensland team to play against the nsw push and power rugby league team in the wheelchair rugby league state of origin in the future.
 Also we have added an adjustment to our games where we are allowing 2x able-bodied people per team to play with their friends and family as we are looking at getting manual wheelchairs that we can provide for the able-bodies on the day.
On behalf of the CHAIRMAN he would like to get your feedback and thoughts about having a scrimmage session this year before we start a full season next year in 2021 he thinks this will be a great idea for everyone that is missing out on sport this year due to the COVID-19 if we do not get enough interest then we will have to unfortunately put push and power rugby league on hold until further notice.


Thankyou for being patient 
Ralph Hasna
Vice President